Friday, March 25, 2016

 New Mexico at the Tail End Again.  Does Sanders Beat Trump?  Are White Working Class Men Morally Deficient?

New Mexico Unemployment:  The average unemployed person in New Mexico can expect to be unemployed for about ten months (43.5 weeks), and almost half (45.3%) of all unemployed persons will be unemployed for more than 27 weeks, according to data compiled by  This makes New Mexico the worst state in the union in which to find yourself unemployed.  New Mexico is surrounded by states (Texas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma) where unemployment periods last about half as long.

Kasich Beats Clinton and Sanders in latest polls:  Most recent polls show both Clinton and Sanders beating Trump (and Cruz) handily in the general election.  But Kasich appears to be well ahead of Clinton in recent polls (beating her by 6 points in a March 24 poll, and competitive with Sanders, beating him by 1 point in two polls, but losing to Sanders in a March 21 CNN poll by 6 points. Expect a lot of media attention to be focused on Kasich, whose campaign at this point appears to be based on these polls and on his modest "aw, shucks" demeanor in contrast to the bombastic self-assurance of Cruz and the gleefully delivered insults that form the core of Trump's campaign.

Kick the White Working Class that Supports Trump:  A National Review article by Kevin Williamson, ("Father-Fuhrer"--you can read it here for 25 cents) essentially telling the angry white working class to quit whining, rent a U-Haul, and go to a city with jobs, kicked up quite a storm.  In reply, the Arnade article (click here) sympathizes with them, arguing their plight is not the result of any moral failure on their part, but of multiple layers of government policies.

Does legal and illegal immigration hurt American workers?:  One out of twenty workers is unauthorized.  The Camarota and Krogstad and Passell articles are excellent summaries based on solid research.  Camarota has been looking at the evidence for many years, and relies on George Borjas' work at Harvard.  David Card at Berkeley (click here) has a different perspective

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