Friday, April 8, 2016

The Cartel on the US Side

News media attention for decades has focused on the Mexican drug lords--Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Pablo Acosta, Chapo Guzman, the Arellano Felix brothers, El Mencho, etc.  These entrepreneurs carve out territory, bribe the appropriate officials, guard their turf jealously, and create viable supply chains all the way through Mexico to the border.

But what happens to the drugs once delivery is made to the US?  Is the distribution of drugs franchised like a hamburger chain?  Is it still controlled by the drug lord in Mexico?  Surely the managerial ability to get the drugs to market rivals the managerial ability to create a supply chain through Mexico.  But very little media attention has been paid to this aspect of drug trafficking.  This article, "The Twins that Betrayed El Chapo," translated from El Debate by Borderland Beat, while not answering all the questions, goes a long way toward giving you a strong picture of some of the elements.  It is about the Flores twins' empire in Chicago before it collapsed.

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