Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Disappearance

Gabriela Zavala Cruz was awakened at 3:30 a.m. Saturday when soldiers in two pickups and a small dark car pulled up to her residence. Her husband, Carlos, 23, a bricklayer, was in the car. His face was beaten. A soldier asked her if she had called him on her cell phone. She said no and the soldier went to the car and told her husband, "she says she didn't call you." She then added, "I might have, to find out what had happened." She asked them why they had taken him and a soldier replied "for being a good guy." The soldiers then left, with her husband.

On Tuesday Gabriela Cruz reported this incident to the Special Unit for the Investigation of Missing persons of the Chihuahua Deputy Attorney General's office in Cd. Juarez. She had already checked with the federal attorney general's office and was told they knew nothing. "I want to know where he is, if he's still alive," she told a reporter, sobbing. "Nobody tells me anything, where they picked him up or why," said the mother of a 20-month old child and baby 8 months old.

Reported in Norte, Juarez edition, April 22, 2009.

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GSal said...

Unfortunately even if these atrocities were committed in the US--everyone knows our playbook. No slapping, no liquid diets, no throwing into the rubber wall, etc--no worries for for the cartel members coming to the states. Priests in northern Mexico live in fear as do those who travel back and forth from the US. Cartels are not a respecters of persons and do not respect weakness. If ever the policy of "Peace Through Strength" was needed it is now! Rogue nations as well as rogue groups (cartels) have never and will never be "negotiated" into compliance.

Hope to see this posted!