Saturday, August 7, 2010

Breaking Story: About 200 Federal Police In Juarez Revolt Against What They Claim are Three Corrupt Chiefs

Several newspapers in Juarez are reporting this afternoon that about 200 federal police blocked off Ave. Lopez Mateos from Hermanos Escobar to Benjamin Franklin this morning and held a protest in front of the Hotel Playa, nearby. They demanded the firing of First Inspector of the Federal Police, Salomon Alarcón Olvera, alias El Chamán, and Joel Ortega and Ricardo Duque, who apparently work with him, who, they say, are part of an organized ring that extorts money from them. They also demanded the release of Jose D'Cid, a federal police officer who, they say, reported Salomon to higher authorities only to find himself charged with drug possession and detained by the PGR.

Reports about exactly what happened are still sketchy, but apparently the three officers accused of these offenses were in the Hotel Playa (really, a motel) in rooms 105, 106, and 107. Federal police officers kicked down the doors, and, reports say, found drugs in them which, they say, are used to plant on officers who refuse to pay their extortion fees. Some photographs appear to indicate that at least one of the officers was dragged from his room and forced in front of TV cameras. Diario (click here) noted that Facundo Rosas Rosas, the Juarez federal police commissioner, was on the scene.

The last report by Diario, minutes ago (at 3:09, I'm writing at 3:21) is that a deadline protesting police had placed on the release of D'Cid passed at 3:00 and protesters have been able to disarm guards protecting room 105, which holds Salomon, from protesters

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When is mexico going to get wise and ask Pres Obama to send Gov Richardson to clean things up.