Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kidnapped Man Escapes Encajuelamiento

In the early morning hours, Rubén González Serna knocked on the door of a household in Punta de Oriente, a village in Aquiles Serdan (Central Chihuahua), asking for help. He was badly beaten (see photo) and he said he had been kidnapped. He had been forced into the trunk of a car, presumably to take him to be killed, but he was able to open up the trunk and jump out when the car slowed down. The men in the car saw him running toward a group of houses, and apparently decided to flee. The family reported the incident to police, using the 060 line. The family was told there had indeed been a man reported kidnapped, and forced into the trunk of a white Tsuru (a Japanese care not sold in the U.S. but very popular in Chihuahua). He was taken to a hospital and treated for his injuries.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Susana Martinez or Diane Denish has a plan to address this issue with the killings in Mexico. As we know its not if the kills will come to this side of the border, its when and how many.

Anonymous said...

to address the drug issue means:
reduce consumption
then the business is finished.
Is Susana Martinez the only one responsible to address the drug consumption?
The killings in Mexico are the results of US addictions.