Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin: The Writing on the Wall: Daniel 5: 25-28. Meanwhile the Count is Up to 1994 for the year

Two narco-messages painted on walls appeared yesterday briefly in Juarez before they were painted out. One was photographed with the following message, written with many misspellings:

“siganse asiendo pendejos para el joto de ferriz y calderon ustedes apoyan al chapo gusman por eso se les estan tumbando federales son los ke cobran cuotas y secruestan y dicen ke los de la linea tu teto murgia espero y no apoyes al chapo gusman mientras sigan cobrando cutas y estorsionando seguiremo tumbando federales atte la linea”

(My translation: "go ahead and keep on being dumb jerks for the queer Ferriz (outgoing mayor of Juarez) and Calderon you support Chapo Guzman which is why federales (police) keep going down they are the ones who charge extortion fees and kidnap and then blame la linea, you, Teto Murguia (mayor-elect of Juarez) we hope you don't support Chapo Guzman as long as they keep charging extortion fees we will keep knocking off federales sincerely la linea."

This message was painted on a wall at the intersection of Octavio Paz and Álvaro Obregón in Col Zapata. Another, which was not photographed before authorities painted over it, was painted on a wall at the intersection of Paraguay and Niños Héroes.

A review of news outlets that cover murder in Juarez reveals that only four persons were murdered yesterday, a relatively quiet Saturday, bringing the total up to 1994 on the year.
Héctor Gutiérrez Portillo, 29, was shot multiple times at the intersection of Panamá and Zempoala in Col. Hidalgo, shortly after midnight. His body was found sitting against a wall outside a convenience store; another person was reported wounded at the scene. Both were reported snorting cocaine at the time of the attack. A few minutes later police were called to a house in Col. Industrial where two men were killed and two more wounded when gunmen shot the locks off a chain protecting the gates of the residence and forced their way into the house. They led the victims outside to the patio where they were executed.

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