Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Beat:

More than 180 persons have been killed by gunfire so far in Juárez in July. Here are the latest.

Three men were assassinated yesterday afternoon in different sections of the city. At about 5 p.m. 4 armed men arrived in a recent-model pickup at a brick residence. One man rang the doorbell, and when Agustín Carrillo, 55, opened the door, he was shot four times. The gunman got back into the pickup, which sped off. At about 8 p.m. witnesses near Coyoacan and Brasil heard gunfire and arrived to find Alfredo Flores, 37, dead on the street. Half an hour later Héctor Baca álvarez, 23, was shot dead in a parking lot as he and his wife were going to the movies at the shopping center at Juárez Porvenir and Fco. Villarreal. The assassins were driving a green Nissan Sentra.

Carlos Esparza Gómez, 38, an escort for the owner of Casa Hernández (a wood and wood products company) was found dead at 6 this morning in his pickup a pistol nearby. Night watchmen said that he had arrived at the company late last night, highly upset, and asked for a pistol because his life was in danger. This morning the watchmen were surprised to see the pickup still parked there and when they looked, they saw him slumped at the steering wheel with blood oozing out of his neck. Possible suicide.

Also this morning a man was shot dead at the corner of Tercera and Jordania, in Col Ampliacion Aeropuerto.

This afternoon 5 persons were shot inside a residence between Barcelona and España. Only one person, a woman, survived the attack. She is in serious condition.

Compiled from today's Diario.

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