Monday, July 13, 2009

Juarenses Feel Security is Worse Than a Year Ago

A survey commissioned by Diario de Juarez shows that two out of three Juarenses (66.2%) feel the security situation in Juarez today is "worse" or "much worse" than it was a year ago. Moreover, most persons suveyed assert they, or a family member, have been the victim of a crime in the past year, most frequently (23%) a burglary. Nearly one in 5 (18.2%) have been, or have a familiy member who has been, the victim of a car theft, and 1.9% said they or a family member had been the victim of a kidnapping. Well over half of those surveyed (58%) said they believed the security situation will either remain the same or get worse. Three out of four said they had changed their daily habits to increase their protection against crime. Out of these about 7.5% indicate they have curtailed their visits to bars and restaurants.

The state attorney general's office indicates the overall crime rate in June was 20% higher than it was in May. Joint Operation Chihuahua, a federal, state, and local program to curtail crime in Juarez and the state of Chihuahua, has been in effect for nearly 18 months now, and since February of this year, over eight thousand army troops have been assigned to assist in law enforcement efforts in Cd. Juarez.

The sample size was extensive, with 1400 persons interviewed, allowing for a margin of error of only 2.61%.

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