Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bloody Weekend Again: 43 Executed

Forty three persons were executed between Friday and Monday in Cd. Juárez, in one of the bloodiest weekends on record. In one instance, at the Seven and Seven bar on Ave. Tecnologico, twelve persons were shot, killing eight persons including the owner of the bar, and wounding four.

One female witness, according to a story this morning in Diario, called television channel 44, between sobs, asserting that the killers selected some of their victims randomly. They entered the bar, the music stopped, patrons dropped to the floor, and the killers began selecting their victims at random. When they were finished they remained ten minutes more while some people tried to attend to the wounded. The witness said several persons tried to dial the 066 (emergency) number but no one answered.

Law enforcement authorities asserted there have been 21 cases of executions in bars and nightclubs this year, often leaving more than one dead. On January 25 five motorcycle drivers were killed at a restaurant, and on February 8 three more were killed in the parking lot at Bandoleros, a popular night club. Then on July 20 three more were killed in the parking lot at the Onix nightclub. On July 31 six persons were killed and two wounded in a killing at Bull's Sports Billiards. That same day two men were killed in the parking lot of a nightclub called Discoteque Rodeo, on Ave. Lincoln, and one month ago five men were killed at the Amsterdam bar on Ave. de las Americas.

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GSal said...

This just seems surreal this lawlessness and destruction is taking place yards from the United States and even spills over. I remember this sort of thing taking place in S. America when most cartel activity took place there, but it all seemed so far away. Now we have it right in our face and yet many question "harsh" techniques of dealing with terrorists. These cartels are nothing short of terrorists and with their cashflow present the same problems. I fear our pursuit of being the "kinder, gentler, more civilized" nation will result in a great price to pay. The U.S. would do well to employ "Peace Through Strength" on many different levels right down to the street punks who call themselves cartels. No one respects weakness.