Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sign of the Times: Hospitals in Juarez Take Defensive Steps Against Violence

A story in Diario today reveals some of the measures hospitals have taken to defend themselves against intrusions by assassins trying to complete their task. Among the measures are: limiting access into hospitals, hiring private security, locking and reinforcing doors, painting glass windows, and increasing the alertness of staff.

At the Hospital Juarez there was an internal conflict after administrators decided against treating gunshot wounds, resisted by a group of physicians who asked for a restraining order to avoid being fired there, after they continued treating those suffering from gunshot wounds. Last month a man wounded by gunfire appeared at the hospital but he was allowed to die without treatment because security officers would not allow him inside.

In May of 2008 a group of people in a black Hummer were attacked by gunfire; the ocupants managed to get to the hospital when they were again attacked by assassins. One man died outside the hospital. The others were admitted to the hospital but the assassins followed them and opened fire on them as they were receiving medical treatment. Another two persons were killed. On July 30 this year a man already wounded by gunfire was killed by assassins as he was receiving medical attention in the emergency room at Hospital General in Zone 35 of IMSS.

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