Saturday, September 5, 2009

Economic Times in Juarez Hard on Clowns? El Tachuelin Arrested

From Diario: Adrián Enríquez Parra, who uses the nickame “Tachuelín” when he performs as a clown, was arrested on August 28 in Juarez, along with Antonio Indalecio López Ramos, both accused of kidnapping and extortion of a businessman who owns a recycling facility. Soldiers from the 7th Armored Reconnaissance Brigade, which is still patrolling in Juarez, rescued the businessman and arrested the two after receiving information from an anonymous source. According to law enforcement authorities the two men had gone to the recycling plant planning to take payroll funds at gunpoint, but when they found out there was no money, they decided to take the owner instead, and held him captive for about 8 hours before he was rescued. They were demanding a payment of about $120,000 for the release of the businessman.

The army unit received an anonymous tip that a blindfolded man had been taken into a house located at 419 Arquitecto Julio Corredor (Col. Horizontes del Sur). When elements from that unit arrived at the house, a man answered the door saying the only persons there were his brother and his father. Soldiers entered the house and found two firearms (almost always illegal possession in Mexico), and a decision was made to take the men for questioning at the headquarters of Joint Operation Chihuahua. During the transfer of the three men, one of them blurted out that he was being kidnapped by the other two. They had threatened to kill him and his family if he did not go along with the story that the other men were his sons.

The guns in question were a 38 caliber Llama and a 32 caliber Undercover. Ten cell phones were also found in the house.

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