Monday, November 2, 2009

New Technique for Car Theft in Juarez?

Hérika Martínez Prado writes this morning in Norte that an email is making the rounds, warning car owners of a new technique it claims is being used to steal autos from patrons of restaurants.

According to the email thieves identify an automobile they want to steal from a restaurant parking lot. They jot down the plate numbers, enter the restaurant, and ask likely owners whether the numbers correspond to their auto. When they locate the owner they explain that the car is blocking the exit of another car and ask the driver to move it. When the driver arrives at the car thieves explain this is a robbery, take the keys and quite likely the victim's wallet, and take off. The author of the email suggests that patrons should park only in places where there are parking assistants and to avoid parking in a spot that could possibly block others. If someone should ask you at a restaurant to move your car, it might be best not to comply. Interestingly, the email does not suggest calling the police, a reluctance that has a long history of cynicism about police in Cd. Juarez. It is of course possible that the email is simply an attempt to start a new urban legend. Hopefully someone will check out car theft reports to see if this particular pattern is emerging.

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