Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Six Executed Last Night at Amadeus: Unconfirmed Report Suggests a US Air Force Officer May Have Been Among the Dead

La Polaka (click here for story) reports this morning that six persons were killed by gunfire late last night at Amadeus, a topless bar.

The assassins arrived in various vehicles shortly after midnight and secured the parking lot, "apparently hoping to kidnap two persons in the bar." A gun battle broke out, leaving six dead and two wounded.

La Polaka reports that among the dead "may have been a U.S. Air Force officer who was in a VIP room with other persons." I wouldn't count on this report being true unless the story is confirmed. It is highly unlikely a U.S. military officer would find himself in a topless bar in Juarez late at night. Diario, reporting on the incident this morning (click here), states only that "it is said ("se habla") that two of the dead persons were U.S. citizens but this has not been confirmed by authorities."

Amadeus, just across the street from Sam's on Ejercito Nacional, is said to be the fanciest topless bar in Juarez and has a well guarded parking lot.

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