Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Obama Approval Rating Reaches New Low: Hispanic Support for Obama Slips, especially among Spanish Speakers

Last week the Gallup Poll showed President Obama down to 46% approval, and 46% disapproval, the lowest numbers since he became President. Among Democrats his approval rating has slipped five points so far this year, from 84% to 79%, and among Republicans from 15% to 12%. Among Hispanics his approval rating is still in positive territory, at 57%, but it has slipped a full 12 points, from 69% at the beginning of the year. Among persons who prefer being interviewed in Spanish, his approval ratings have dropped 21 points this year, from 73% to 52%. The biggest drop among Hispanics, from 73% to 64%, coincided with the State of the Union Address early in the year, when it became obvious Obama had decided not to tackle immigration reform this year. To see more of the Gallup Poll Presidential Approval Center, click here.

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