Sunday, October 17, 2010

Section Chief (for El Porvenir) of Municipality of Praxedis Killed Last Night

From a story this morning in Diario: The El Porvenir Section Chief for the Municipality of Praxedis G. Guerrero, Rito Grado Serrano, 56, was killed last night along with his son, Rigoberto Grada Villa, 35, by gunmen who burst into his home in Col. Patria I in Juarez, at about 8:40 p.m. La Polaka reported police found 60 spent cartridges of AK-47 ammunition, and that Grado had moved to Juarez after receiving death threats. El Porvenir is a small community in the Valle de Juarez, just across the river from Ft. Hancock, Texas. The Valle has lost about half of its population in recent months as a result of violence apparently caused by the takeover of the region by the Sinaloa cartel. On Friday four dead bodies were found in the Valle.

Last June Grado publicly asked the state legislature in Chihuahua to assist El Porvenir in providing security, since the municipal government not only was not providing assistance, but would not even make an appointment to talk about security assistance.

Eight persons were murdered in Juarez yesterday, Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Does the average New Mexican know that when Richardson's term ends at the end of the year that his appointed employees will be sticking the tax payers of NM with another BIG Bill. Here is how it plays out- 425 Richardson appointees cashing in on 240 hours of leave at lets say an ave wage of $25.00 per hour. 425 x 240x 25.00 = $2.55 Million dollars. Note that the $25.00 hourly wage is on the very low end. Gov Richardson can easily declare an excutive order NOT allowing the appointees to collect that money, but after 8 years we know it will not happen.

Jose Z. Garcia said...

So maybe the term "Big Bill," referring to Governor Richardson, has two distinct meanings?

Anonymous said...

Dr Garcia, You seem to be the only person in the media blog world that has always told it right with Richardson. Can you do a story on the mess Richardson has made.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the Sinaloan Cartel has conquered the territory to the east and west (palomas) of Cd. Juarez.

Then the Juarez Cartel would be landlocked between them and the border. An effective tactic.

And what is the US govt's response? Besides putting more troops on the Border.

I would like the US to provide some support/medical/counseling etc. for the victims and their families.

This would respect Mexico's sovereignty issue, while indicating to the citizens of Mexico that the US is engaged.