Saturday, March 26, 2016

New Mexico 49th among states in the income it takes to make the Bernie top 1%

Is your household income $241,000 or more?  If not, YOU are not in the top 1% in New Mexico!  But in all states except Arkansas, it takes more, sometimes much more, to be in the Bernie top 1%.  In Connecticut, it takes $678,000 to make the top 1%.  In Colorado it takes $405K.  New Mexico is
surrounded by states where it takes $300K or more to make the Bernie list.
  But the $241K is just the lowest price of admission, getting you to the bottom of the barrel of the top 1%.  The average income of those in the top 1% in New Mexico is $675,216.  The bottom 99% average income per household is a whopping $36,883.  In Connecticut in order to be the average one-percenter, you need to be making $2,683,600, almost four times more.  In inflation-adjusted income the bottom 99% in New Mexico are down 8.5% from where they were in 1979, while the top 1% are 82% up. To look at each state, click here

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