Friday, May 8, 2009

Andrew Moralez Appointed Border Authority Executive Director

Governor Richardson has appointed Andrew Moralez to be executive director of the New Mexico Border Authority. Mr. Moralez, from Anthony, ran the small governor's office in Las Cruces from 2003 until it was closed earlier this year as part of a budget cutting move by the governor. After that Morales became head of the governor's constituent services office in Santa Fe.

The previous director, Jaime Campos, who resigned on April 7, had been the executive director of the El Paso Foreign Trade Association, president of the Cd. Juarez Maquiladora Association, vice president of CANACINTRA (the Mexican National Industrial and Transformation Chamber), and had extensive experience in immigration and customs issues on both sides of the border, before he became executive director of the Border Authority. He was well known to business, government, and academic leaders on both sides of the border.


Anonymous said...

So we went from a director like Jaime Campos as you wrote had a wealth of exp to a person that sounds like was working as a clerk.
Does not sound right? How does Dr Garcia rate this hire?

Anonymous said...

At least the new director is not under investigation for ethical procedures.

Anonymous said...

I have known and worked with Jaime Campos for over 20 years and this was just a way to allow NM Gov Richardson a reason to bring his buddy in for a job. This smells like pay to play all over again!

nfgatcer said...

Seem that some Anonymous comments have had there feelings hurt. Moralez doesn't BS around, a change is coming for the better of New Mexico.