Thursday, May 14, 2009

El Paso, Dona Ana County Populations

The Census Bureau has released figures reported this morning by Ramon Bracamontes in the El Paso Times and by Steve Ramirez in the Las Cruces Sun News, indicating that El Paso now has a population of about 742,062, and Dona Ana County has a population of about 201,603. Cd. Juarez had a population of 1,301,452 four years ago. Together, this adds up to a population of about 2,245,117 for the Paso del Norte region as a whole. In contrast, New Mexico had an estimated population total of 1,984,356 on July 1, 2008.

El Paso has a population that is about 82% Hispanic, while Dona Ana County is 65% Hispanic, compared to about 45% for New Mexico as a whole. If you assume the Juarez population is 100% Hispanic, this would mean that 2,039,250 citizens in the region are Hispanic, almost 91% of the total, the vast majority of whom are spanish-speaking.

At the U.S. national level 15% of the total population is Hispanic, up from 14% just a year or two ago. And as a forecast of what is to come, fully 25% of all children under age 5 today are Hispanic. When other minorites are added to the mix, 47% of all children under 5 are minority.

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