Friday, May 8, 2009

Juarez Receives Anti-Flu Medical Supplies from China: Demonstration at Restaurant Against Chinese Government

Diario reports this morning the Mexican Army yesterday distributed 156 boxes containing latex gloves, mouth covers, glasses, disposable clothing, anti-bacterial soap, cotton, biodegradable paper towels, and supplies for 6450 anti-flu vaccinations to the General and to Social Security hospitals in Juarez. This material was donated by the government of China to the Defense Department of Mexico for use in anti-swine flu activities in Juarez as part of Joint Operation Chihuahua. Joint Operation Chihuahua is the name given to the introduction of more than 7000 troops into Juarez by the Mexican Army to counter the spike in narco-related violence earlier this year. In addition the Chinese supplies included 3000 vaccinations against pneumonia, which will be used to immunize troops in Juarez.

Yesterday a group of persons led by Mr. Ernesto Chávez Nápoles, head of an association of Tire Workers, demonstrated in front of a Chinese restaurant to protest the treatment Mexicans received in China after the alert went out that Mexico was the epicenter of an outbreak of swine flu last month. Representatives of the Jardin Oriental restaurant, at the corner of Oscar Flores y Plutarco Elías Calles, indicated that the Chang family which owns the restaurant are Mexicans by birth, although they have strong ties to China, and that it was inappropriate to demonstrate there. Mr. Chavez indicated that more demonstrations would be held at maquilas and other locations where there are Chinese citizens. Chinese citizens here "should know that while we have opened our doors to them, they practically expelled us from their country and humiliated us," he added.


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Why have you not reported the news of the new Border authority director or do you just feel that it is not good news? Enlighten us about the new guy he must be a border guru?

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