Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wait Lines at Ports Lengthen as Juarenses go to El Paso for Entertainment

At San Jeronimo the traffic was backed up nearly a mile and wait times were 40 minutes. At the other ports of entry, closer to El Paso, wait lines were over two hours for most of the day as Juarenses, on a national holiday, traveled to El Paso to have fun. Just about everything in Juarez is closed due to the precautions Mexico is taking against swine flu, including most government offices, theaters, schools, universities, museums, nightclubs, and bars.

While merchants in El Paso must have been happy to see the extra business, health officials, on the day the first two cases of swine flu were confirmed in Juarez, must have been worried that the extra traffic also increased the chances of infection of swine flu in El Paso. In truth, the probability is extremely high that swine flu will cross over into El Paso, either from Juarez or from any of the other 15 states in the U.S. where swine flu has been confirmed.

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Anonymous said...

I think New Mexico is better prepared than most states we have a New Mexico Authority that can close the border to protect the interest of us in the south valley.