Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Andrew Moralez Doesn't Close the Door As a Possible Candidate for Mayor of Anthony, Should Incorporation Pass

After my posting on December 18, I received several comments (see below, in comments section to that post) suggesting that Andrew Moralez would make an excellent choice for Mayor of Anthony, should voters approve the measure on January 5. This morning I got another one asking who Moralez is, and while replying to this I decided to call Mr. Moralez and see if he might be interested in the job, and I had a lengthy conversation with him about it.

Mr. Moralez's first inclination was to reject the idea. The incorporation vote may not pass, and should it pass, he said, he might not be able to run for the job since he has a job with the state, and finally he would not want to run unless he felt there was strong support for him. I asked him if he would consider running if it was determined that there were no legal impediments to his running, and if he might make some arrangement between now and December 2010 that would enable him to keep working at least part time for the Border Authority. He said that under those conditions he would think seriously about the job and begin sounding out his potential base of support.

I told him I doubted there would be serious legal or salary issues with his running for the job, although I am not expert in this area. I encouraged him to explore the legal and salary issues, so he would be ready one way or another should the incorporation issue pass.

Mr. Moralez would indeed be an excellent choice to be the first mayor of Anthony. He ran the governor's office here in Las Cruces from 2003-2009, and then went to Santa Fe for several months to run the governor's constituent services office. Then he was appointed executive director of the NM Border Authority, where he has been for the last six months. In these positions he has been able to get to know the inner workings of several layers of state and local government, and to establish contacts with officials throughout the state. Let's face it, the first priority of the new municipality, should voters approve of it, would be to raise money and, second, to reassure people there were honest adults running the city. With Mr. Moralez's extensive contacts and mature demeanor he would fit the bill for both. Sunland Park is an object lesson Anthony. The city has made outstanding strides when it has had good leadership and all kinds of embarrassing disasters take place when leadership is bad.

Voters will still have to decide for themselves whether to support incorporation or not. I will be posting my thoughts about it in the next few days in a separate posting.


Anonymous said...

I have seen some homemade signs already up in Anthony that say "Andrew Moralez for Mayor" I think this would be a great first step for Anthony.


Anonymous said...

Does Mr Moralez live in the proposed incorporated area, what are his political views on the issues that await "Anthony City"? Sounds like this blog is endorsing his candidacy.Are there others who are equally qualified? Or is it slim pickins in Anthony? Incidently, the blogger (Garcia) is not a fan of Gov Richardson and a harsh critic of his policies.I'm slightly mixed on the Moralez promo being given here.

Jose Z. Garcia said...

Good question: First, I cannot blame Mr. Moralez for the sins of the governor, nor can I fault him for being loyal to the man who has given him solid employment for seven years, nor can I deny that the years of experience he has acquired qualify him for the job. I can only hope that his ethical makeup has remained intact, but unless proven otherwise he deserves to be treated as an honest person.

Second, I have not endorsed Mr. Moralez for mayor of Anthony. This would be premature. First the voters have to vote on incorporation, and if it passes we have to see what his views are and who else might be running and, indeed, whether he wants to run. I posted my views about his qualifications because there is very little coverage of Anthony and people there need to know the possibilities, and I was delighted to see that someone I consider highly qualified might consider running for the job, should it open up.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Mr Garcia will post this but the public needs to know.

Moralez is a part of the dirty Richardson political machine that has over looked the valley.


LAS CRUCES, N.M. (AP) - Andrew Moralez of Anthony has resigned from the Gadsden school board because he doesn't live in the district he represents.

Moralez offered his letter of resignation (Monday) to board president Maria Saenz after he made the discovery. He'd been reviewing resolutions to call for the next school board election when he realized he didn't live within District Four.

Once Dona Ana County officials verified the boundaries, Moralez submitted his resignation. A school district spokesman says the four remaining board members intend to move forward as quickly as possible to fill Moralez's position.

Moralez was appointed by state Education Secretary Veronica Garcia in January following a recall election that resulted in the removal of school board members.

(Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

AP-NY-11-10-06 0742EST

Anonymous said...

For the last several months I have heard comments from our current governing body "Anthony Water and Sanitation Department" that the future mayor of Anthony will be Victor Montoya. After watching Mr. Montoya in action during the last few incorporation meetings, I would not vote for him. What are his qualifications as compared to Mr. Moralez?

Jose Z. Garcia said...

Mr. Montoya's credentials are unknown to me. I don't know his educational achievement, nor his work experience.

Anonymous said...

Victor is a good person and he has stayed in his community trying to make things better. He does not drive a BMW like another announced mayor wantabe does plus Victor does speak spanish.

Anonymous said...

Let me first tell you that I am a strong supporter of Victor for Mayor of Anthony. When this Moralez guy was working in the southern NM Richardson office he did nothing to help us in Anthony. So why does he feel he can be mayor in our community. Has Moralez ever had a job that was not in politics?

Anonymous said...

I will only vote for Incorporation because I am hoping Andrew Moralez will be our first Mayor.