Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anthony Resident on Incorporation

Note: Given the lack of coverage of the Anthony incorporation issue I have decided to publish opinions, for or against or neutral, as long as they are reasonably coherent and provide information that might be useful for voters in making up their minds. This is the second note I have published here. JZG

I have already voted against this incorporation for a number or reasons including the way it has been carried out in the dark behind closed doors, the way the boundaries have been drawn, and because of the poor leadership driving it. I sincerely hope this incorporation effort is voted down at the polls because the residents of the Anthony area deserve to have ALL the information put before them for thoughtful consideration and discussion in order to make a sober, serious and informed decision whether or not to create a governmental entity that will have the power add to their property taxes and gross receipts taxes and also have the power to enact ordinances, codes, zoning, business licensing, pet licensing and who knows what else. Instead, what we've gotten is -- well, you wrote about the two recent meetings here in your blog. And thank you for that! The local media has utterly failed the residents of Anthony by failing to report on this incorporation attempt except in the most superficial way and failing to even ask the many questions that still need answers.

Municipalities have a great deal of power and authority and are expensive to operate. The backers of this say they won't need to raise property taxes and point to gross receipts taxes as a potential source of income. How many businesses generating gross receipts taxes do you see in Anthony on the NM side of the border? I live here (since 1977) and I can tell you, the answer is 'Not enough... not by a long shot'. This new city won't even have revenues coming in from its utilities. Anthony Water & Sanitation District is going to remain a separate entity and provide office space for the new city... uh... wait... wasn't that what happened to the Anthony Library before it disappeared? (Fortunately, the county took care of getting a new Anthony library building put up).

I was pleased to read that you spoke with Andrew Morales and he would consider a leadership role if the incorporation passes. His background, experience and maturity would be a real asset to this community in the role of mayor if this passes.

Karen Nichols

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