Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Community Leader Expresses Concern About Lack of Information for Anthony Residents On Incorporation

Note: the following was sent to me by Arturo Uribe as a comment to an earlier blog. I decided to put it here instead of in the comment section because questions raised in it are important and should be seen by more people. Mr. Uribe is a community organizer from Mesquite. He has many years of experience in the South Mesilla Valley, including work in Anthony.

I am concerned that many folks who are reading about incorporating Anthony, NM are not getting enough information about the impact this decision will have on the families, business owners and property owners within the proposed boundaries. Which taxes will be raised, and by how much? How big is the budget going to be and what specific services will be provided? Which persons are likely to lead Anthony down this road if the proposal passes? What do we know about them? Are residents now outside the boundaries, and therefore ineligible to vote, likely to be annexed for tax purposes in the future? Have people who are promoting a casino for Anthony been involved in the group promoting incorporation, and if so, how or why? Many, many questions are still unanswered. And why hasn’t there been more interest, other than what is being posted here, coming from the Las Cruces Sun News or even Haussmann’s blog? It was touted in the Sun News (click here) as an important effort by the community, but none of the events in mid-December were covered there. With one week left till residents go out and vote, it is disappointing that these questions have not been seriously addressed or answered. Hopefully before Election Day those some of these questions can be answered so that voters can make a well informed decision.

Arturo Uribe

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