Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Congressional Democratic Leaders Lose Lead Over Republicans in Public Opinion

A poll released by the Pew Research Center shows that Congressional Democratic leaders, who enjoyed a 19 point approval lead over Republican leaders just a year and a half ago, as the Obama administration began, have squandered the lead down to just 2 points. Moreover, the outright disapproval level is higher for Democratic Leaders than for their Republican counterparts. Even more ominously, Independent voters are more disapproving of Democrats than they are of Republicans. Watch out, there, Heinrich and Teague. For the whole poll, which also shows greater support for Obama's economic policies than Bush's economic policies, click here.


GF Alexander said...

At first glance, Jose, your headline suggests the republicans are significantly gaining in public support, which is not the case. With a margin of error of +/-4% for the entire sample population and +/-7% for reps and dems respectively, I would say they are generally even in public opinion. As an independent myself, I think congress has been a dismal failure. As for Obama, I'm concerned he isn't forceful enough, but time will tell.

Jose Z. Garcia said...

Actually, the headline suggested Democrats have squandered the lead, not that Republicans had gained. I agree with you, leaders of both houses are about equally despised, and for very good reasons.