Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yes, the Federal Government Is Making Significant Arrests of Suspected of Organized Criminals

The federal government of Mexico's Department of Public Security has revealed that so far this month several hundred arrests of persons believed to be associated with drug cartels have taken place. Three hundred four persons associated with the Sinaloa cartel have been arrested; 622 from the Gulf cartel, 65 from the Tijuana cartel, 517 from the Familia Michoacana organization, 84 from the Juárez cartel, and 34 from the Norte del Valle cartel (Colombia). that adds up to 1626.

Locally, in Juárez, fourteen alleged members of "La Linea" (the armed force for the Juárez cartel) have been arrested, and four alleged members of the "Artistas Asesinos" (an armed gang working for the Sinaloa cartel).

Among those arrested in Juárez this month was Jesús Ernesto Chávez Castillo, "El Camello (aka "The Camel) who confessed his direct involvement in the murders of the U.S. Consulate employees. He was a member of the "Azteca" gang, hired by "La Linea."

Cristian Rosado Mendoza, alias “El Cris,” and Jesús Armando Acosta Guerrero, alias “El 35”, were also arrested. Both are said to be implicated in the murder of Sandra Ivonne Salas, on June 30 of this year. She was the deputy prosecutor of internal affairs in Chihuahua. It is believed that the arrest of Acosta precipitated the car-bombing last Thursday, that killed four persons and injured eleven. Both are said to be associated with "La Linea."

So it is not true that there is total impunity in Juárez; many assassins have been arrested. The question is whether these arrests will disrupt the criminal organizations these people work for or deter others from replacing them within the organization. So far this has not been the case. But at least there is some satisfaction for the relatives of the victims to know that the killers have been put away.

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