Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Recommended Reading:

Interested in the history of the decline of NM's economy?  Harold Morgan posted another piece yesterday in his ongoing series on the history of this decline.  Morgan asks us to contemplate the trend in ABQ for the boards of the ABQ Chamber of Ccommerce and the Association of Commerce and Industry to be filled with corporate lobbyists, lawyers, and healthcare officials who have no real decision making authority within their own companies.  This trend deserves a lot more attention.

Marjorie Childress has a piece on the current status of funding in the ABQ mayor's race.  Colon (no accent on the "o.")  has the most money.  Rod Adair (NM Political Journal, see below) asserts that Colon prefers his name to be prounouced "colon," as in colonoscopy, instead of "Colón," with the accent of the "o" as it is pronounced in Spanish.  Mr. Colon, an attorney, is of Puerto Rican descent, but speaks no Spanish.  Don't need to cultivate the Hispanic vote this time around, Brian?  Adair also comments on peculiarities in the names of other candidates.  Finally, Monahan, still the best political blogger in the state, has some comments on the mayoral race.

By the way, are any of these candidates addressing issues pointed out by Morgan in his series?

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