Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pew Study Shows Relationship Between Employment and Presidential Approval

In an excellent article published yesterday by Pew Research Center (click here) the authors juxtapose unemployment rates and presidential approval rates, showing a strong but not perfect relationship. The relationship is strongest when the unemployment rate rises high, and the authors conclude President Obama's rating mirrors that of President Reagan.

The chart at the right speaks for itself, and it is no coincidence that President Obama in his State of the Union Address defended his spending policies last year as necessary measures to prevent even more job loss, and promised all kinds of job creation efforts to reduce the unemployment rate which stands at about 10 percent.

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Jerry said...

My great uncle Juan was a barber when I was a youngster, 50 years ago. I went to his shop every third Thursday, after school, to get a hair cut and I'd listen to the men talk about politics, both local and national. The recurring theme espoused by this World War I veteran was, "Lordy Jer, people vote their pocket books - always have, always will. Don't forget it". You're on to something Jose.